Mapping Thoughts

Just working on the participatory element of the ‘Drawing in Between’ drawing seminar. the aim of the participatory element will be to generate greater understanding of the potentials of drawing for interdisciplinary learning than we had before the seminar began, by virtue of the presentations and pop up exhibition but principally the activity of delegates interaction: Mapping Conversations will take place on the 21st June Cardiff School of Art and design, Howard Gardens Campus

How should this activity be structured? A clear introduction would be necessary and text given with note pads and pen. We could give the delegates specific tasks such as:

  1. basic parameters (compass) – to be rendered into the map itself  – what with? additional paper/pen/thread?
  2. routes between – what are the connections between drawing and other disciplines
  3. pedagogical learning – meta/creative thinking strategies, specific/drawing/artistic skills
  4. compiling a key of repeated themes – to be rendered onto the map itself
  5. over view of the map and its conveyance of general meaning! – additional rendering onto the map itself


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