Can the activity of thinking / idea development be rendered tangible, be given form – Initial experiments:

…and does this begin to express the activity of thinking – a child, their identity formed through interactions and response to the world?

The photo drawings were created by projecting children’s drawings onto a child’s face and taking photographs, then attempting to blend and explore the boundaries between the drawing and the face.

What is offered by the relationship between 2 and 3 dimensions? – where does one become the other and what is the significance of the cross over in suggesting the development of thought – does it symbolise a blurring between the physical and mental/creative world?

Qualities that could be bestowed with metaphoric/symbolic meaning include:

  • Scale
  • alignment with the face from projection
  • Opacity/transparency
  • flat imagery

The actual process of generating the images involved: rebuilding the solidity of the face – white to heighten areas and washes to push back – decision making took place in the moment of creating.

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